Sunday 12 June 2016


It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, and I think this just proves how boring and revision focused my life has been during the past few months. But after endless days spent in the ugly, silent and full of surprisingly good looking guys; I am ready to go out and explore London as much as possible before going back home. A few days ago one of my friends and I decided to go to Richmond.

I had been there before during the winter but after wandering around its narrow picturesque streets and exploring its many beautiful blossoming parks, I know where I want to live when I grow up and have a family. I can’t find a better way to describe it than a typical small English town - even though it’s a neighbourhood in London, not an actual town - you see in many movies like The Holiday.

We took the tube to Richmond Station and walked along Richmond High Street and the Thames river (or at least, I assumed it was the Thames... I think that’s the only river in London). Strolling along the river genuinely felt like we were in another country, it reminded me of Florence actually. And the high temperatures made it even less like England. We visited the Terrace Gardens, which were absolutely stunning and once we had reached the top we found outstanding views of the park and the river.

From there we walked to the massive Richmond Park and found our way to King Henry’s Mound, which is totally the place to go if you love flowers as much as I do. There are so many different types and colours, and they look so lively! By that time we were starving so went to the Pembroke Lodge Cafe to have a sandwich and some cake. Lunching there was the literal description of lunch with a view. After that we just walked around the Isabella plantation, which made me feel like I was in Mexico - even though I’ve never really been there. To finish off this perfect adventure, we went back into town and got some ice cream at this amazing place called Gelateria Danieli.

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