Monday 14 September 2015


Hello! First of all, apologies for the lack of content these last few day. I just moved into my new flat in London and didn’t have wifi until today. How have I survived 4 whole days without wifi? I have no idea, but I barely made it. Anyway, since I didn’t have access to the wonderful world called the Internet and almost run out of data, I spent some time cleaning my laptop and freeing some much needed space on my disk. This led me to find a lost folder of pictures from a hike I went on with my dad and my sister a few weeks ago, back in Mallorca. I was meant to write about it a while back but completely forgot. 

I love London, it’s easily one of my favourite places in the world, but I have to admit that looking at these pictures, where the sun is shining and remembering the heat from the sun, whilst typing these words with my cold fingers, under a cloudy and grey sky, makes me miss Mallorca and summer quite a lot. 

That day we went to the Torrent de Pareis, which is pretty much and empty river. People seem to like going there on hikes so when my dad asked if I wanted to go, I went for it. It turned out to be a pretty fun hike - it was more like climbing, hiking and trying not to crack your head open at the same time. Nevertheless, it was fun and I’m happy both me and my camera made it out alive. The scenery was really beautiful and I would actually go back again! It was right next to the sea -obviously, it’s a river- and a really beautiful (and crowded) beach so that was a bonus! 

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