Sunday 7 July 2019


"Spotted at Grand Central, bags in hand: Serena van der Woodsen"

That's the one line that started my love for New York. It was 2012, and I have been dying to walk around the Upper East Side since. 7 years later, I finally got the chance to go to the city that never sleeps and oh my god did it leave up to the expectations.

We were there for only three short days sadly, but it was more than enough to 1) make fall in love with the city (cliché) 2) make me want to go back ASAP 3) make me spend all the money that I don't have. 

Here's a run down of what we got up to in the Big Apple.


We started off our first day by consuming a ginormous bagel with cream cheese (because you must when in New York). It was honestly shocking to see the variety of bagel and cream cheeses they have. 

After eating a bagel as big as my head in Bryant Park, we headed to Grand Central Station - where a big old photoshoot was due. And I low key expected to bump into Chuck Bass, sadly it didn't happen. The station was exactly what I was expecting and what I had seen on numerous films throughout my life. And I feel like that was a recurring sensation in New York - everything I saw, I felt like I had already seen it before. Because I had. But never in person. 

We then made our way to Central Park going via the Rockefeller Centre. It was a very warm and sunny day so we decided to spend a good few hours walking around the lower side of Central Park, sitting on the rocks to try and get some sort of tan for a bit.  We walked up Central Park up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where we had a much needed photoshoot on the steps (please notice all the Gossip Girl references). 

After walking around the Upper East Side for a bit we ventured back into Central Park making our way down whilst eating a surprisingly food New York hot dog. 

It is honestly mind   how big the park is - you could very easily spend the entire day exploring. But we had tickets to go up the Top of the Rock during sunset so we quickly walked back to our hotel to freshen up a bit.

Top of the Rock was the only skyscraper we went up, as everyone told us it was the best one to do. If I remember correctly, the ticket was a good $45 (they charge you extra if you want to go during sunset) but it was so worth it. The views were spectacular, specially at that time of the day. The only annoying thing was how busy it was but I guess that's inevitable. 

We quickly grabbed some dinner at Chick-fil-A (classy, I know) before taking an Uber to SoHo. After all, it was Saturday night and we were in the city that never sleeps. We found a decent bar with a terrace where we got some drinks (I can't remember the name of it for the life of me) and then we ended the night at 1 Oak, because where else would you go during your first trip to New York. 


We started our day quite late on Sunday, by eating yet again another big bagel and a huge (and much needed) coffee in our hotel room to recover from the night before. 

Once we felt human again, we got on the metro and made our way towards the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. If you go to New York and go to the bridge, my tip is to walk all the way across it and only turn around to admire the views when you're at the very end. They're breathtaking. 

Only about 10 mins away is the very famous street in DUMBO: Washington Street. It was surprisingly hard to get a good photo though as the street was packed - but we still tried of course. 

After sitting (and trying not to get heat stroke) in Brooklyn Bridge Park admiring the views, we decided to walk around Brooklyn and we stumbled upon a great vintage flea market where I got a really cool (in my opinion) t-shirt from the VMAs for just under $10. 

After doing enough damage, we got the metro back to Manhattan and walked along the High Line - one of my favourite spots in New York, where I had (randomly) the most delicious cinnamon ice cream sandwich.

We were meeting a friend for dinner, so we headed to Murray Hill to have a drink on her building's rooftop before dinner. That's the one thing I wish London had more of: rooftops. It was so nice to sit there as the sun set having a beer and chatting, with the New York traffic and the sirens as our background noise.

We ended our Sunday with a very delicious dinner at a random Italian restaurant in her neighbourhood. 

DAY 3 - 9/11 Memorial AND SoHo

We started our final day in the Big Apple by having a big and delicious American breakfast at a diner called Brooklyn Diner, just off Broadway. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day,  I decided to start off strong by having a huge plate of buttermilk pancakes and a fat slice of cheesecake on the side - and a skinny cappuccino because #health.

As if that breakfast wasn't enough - I decided to stop by the famous Levain Bakery in the Upper West Side to try one of their giant cookies. It did not disappoint - easily the best cookie I have ever had. On my way from the diner to the bakery I spotted the Empire Hotel (I essentially went to New York to live my Gossip Girl dream) which got me very excited. 

With a very full stomach and basically unable to walk, I got on an Uber and made my way towards lower Manhattan to see the 9/11 Memorial - which was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. 

I then walked towards Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange which was also one of my favourite things I did. Not exactly why because I am not really into finance or stocks but I found it very cool. 

The last half of our final day was, obviously, dedicated to shopping. We headed back to SoHo to explore all the stores I had been dying to go to (i.e. Aritzia, Reformation and Glossier). I am very glad I don't live in New York, because I would be beyond broke if I did. SoHo ended up being my favourite neighbourhood I visited, it was such a nice vibe and it kind of reminded me of the Covent Garden area in London. 

To finish off our trip strong we had our final dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner, where all the waiters are Broadway singers and they randomly break into songs whilst serving your food. 

It was such a happy and incredible way to end such a wonderful trip! 


We stayed at The Martinique Hotel on Broadway The hotel itself was really nice, with a big spacious room and all the staff were beyond friendly! But the best thing about the hotel was its location, a 5 min walk from the Empire State, right next to a metro station and 20min walk to Central Park. 

It was honestly ideal, and we could have not asked for a better hotel! 

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  1. Great post - it sounds like you were able to see quite a bit in only three days! I haven't gone to New York City in years, so I definitely need to go again. Thanks for sharing!
    Jenna ♥
    Follow me back? Life of an Earth Muffin

  2. Beautiful photos! I visited New York just over a month ago and I already want to go back! x

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