Sunday 21 October 2018


So, from my last post, I think we already established I absolutely loved Lisbon. After spending 3 days there, we spend out last day in Sintra -  a quaint small town near Lisbon in the foothill of the Sintra Mountains.

It used to be a royal sanctuary, which essentially means there are endless castles around the town and in the mountains. You could easily spend a few days just visiting different castles; however, since we only had a day we decided to only visit two and take it easy. 

The first one we visited was Quinta da Regaleira. Whilst there are buses that can take you from the train station to most of the castles, we decided to take an Uber as it was very cheap (genuinely less tan 5€) and much easier! 

Quinta da Regaliera is a massive estate with a castle, a chapel, a lake, grottoes and, most importantly, a really cool well called the Initiation Well. You can walk down it and it looks like something you would fine in Narnia or another fantasy movie. I was expecting to find the Upside Down once I reached the bottom but, unfortunately or fortunately, I only found some spooky underground tunnels. Still cool though. 

After we had walked around the estate and taken all the necessary Insta pics, we headed back to the town centre to have some lunch. We went to this place called Incomum which had some really amazing food - especially if you like seafood and fish. 

After, we walked around the town a bit which was absolutely stunning - it's full of narrow picturesque cobbled streets with little boutiques. We also went to the famous bakery Piriquita, where you have to try the traditional travesseiros, made with puff pastry and almond cream. Definitely a must try if you're in Sintra! 

Once our stomachs were full and content, we took another Uber to what now is my favourite place I have ever visited: Pena Palace. There are no words to describe how beautiful and mind blowing it is. It looks fake and you will definitley feel like you're in some sort of film. 

The palace is at the top of a hill which means that, unless you go on a very clear day, it is very likely to be foggy which adds to the film-like experience. The palace is so colourful and with the most intricate carvings on the stone. It was honestly something out of this world. I would try and describe it better but a picture is worth a thousand words so just see it for yourself! 

Overall, Sintra was absolutely beautiful and definitley worth a visit if you're in Lisbon! 

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