Thursday 1 October 2015


I'm currently sitting in my room, under a gloomy sky wearing a chunky jumper and sipping on hot coffee to warm me up, whilst reminiscing the sunny, warm days in Greece snorkelling in crystal clear water. I spent a week in Zakynthos (not rich enough to afford Mykonos YET) and I fell in love with Greece. The beach that was near our hotel was not too nice so we did not go there. Instead, we went around the island on a boat. I'm from Mallorca so I've been to many beaches, many of which are really beautiful, but I had never seen such stunning and paradisiac beaches. The two best ones we went to are Turtle Island and Navagio Beach. The former is where many turtles lay their eggs, the water is crystal clear and since it can only be reached by boat it's rather empty. The latter is probably one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to, the water is so turquoise it seems fake. If I were to see the pictures I took (down below) I would think they had been photoshopped, the water is such a bright and gorgeous colour it does not seem real but, trust me, it is. If you ever happen to be somewhere near Zakynthos, definitely go to Navagio Beach. 

We also visited many caves, including Keri caves, which were really cool and for some reason reminded me of Norway -even though I've never been there. The water everywhere around the island was incredibly crystalline so we went snorkelling in a few caves which was pretty awesome. 

The weather overall was quite good for September, it was around 25-30 degrees and sunny most days. One day, however, it decided to rain so we decided to go to Zante Town for the day and explore the area. We managed to walk for a while and found a spot with a really nice view before it started storming and raining like crazy. We ended spending a few hours in a cafe playing cards, waiting for the rain to stop. We had dinner at Nostimon Imar where we had the best starter ever: feta cheese in crispy pastry drizzled with honey. I have no words to describe how delicious it was. 

I wasn't expecting to enjoy Greece so much, I really loved every single bit of this island and I definitely want to visit more Greek Islands in the future! Also, I've discovered I love Greek food, so give me all the Tzatziki and Moussaka! 

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