Saturday 10 February 2018


A while ago I wrote a post on one of my favourite things: brunch, and to add a little twist I decided to confront two old mortal enemies: West London and East London. I really enhoyed writing it and you guys seemed to like it - so I decided to bring you the dinner edition

Dinner will never be as cool as brunch, but we'll work with what we have got. 

I have been visitin the East ends of the city more often that I used to and, not going to lie, it is growing on me. I wasn't ready for this, no one was ready for this - it just  happened. Turns out East isn't so bad after all, and they have some really tasty food too. 



I walked past this restaurant in South Kensingotn every day for over two years, and yet I never noticed it. The othe day a friend from uni suggested the place to chat about how much we love skinny jeans and food, whilst eating some great food. 

I was not expecting such amazing food. I got the should lamb but oh my god. I could eat it every single day if I could afford to eat out every day. The meat was so tender, the gravy so perfect, the vegetables so tasty and the mash so smooth - perfection in a plate.


This place has been my number one ever since I moved to London. It was one of the frist restaurants I went to when I started uni, and it was also the restaurant I went to for my geadutaiont. It all comes full circle. 

If you like good Italian food, this is the place to go. Their pizzas are to die for - they are simple but incredibly tasty. And don't even get me started on their pasta, their bucatini alla pescatora is to die for. They also have the creamiest and tastiest pistachio ice cream, if you have space for dessert! 

Percy & Founders

Soho is full of restaurants but if there is one that stands out is Percy & Founders - it has a huge variety of foods but if you go you have to try their truffle burger. 

If there is one food I have had at many many restaurants in London is a good old burger. So, after over four years of burger tasting, I would like to say my standards are quite high. When I say it's a good burger, it is gooooooood. 



Peruvian food tends to be very overpriced and surpisingly hard to find, unless you want some random fusion of cuisines like Suhisamba (which is very overrated btw). 

Now, I can't vouch for how authentic the food is as, truth be told, I have only had Peruvian food a few times before and I was too young to know what I was eating. But I can say this: it was so delicious and it had such strong and unique flavours (in a good way). The best thing we had, by far, was the Pastel de Choclo, which is basically a corn and fresh cheese pie. Literally mind-blowing.  Their grilled octopus was also pretty amazing... 

Osteria della Pasta - Boxpark

I am not a fan of Boxpark in general, I would much rather go to a normal restaurant, sit down, read a menu, etc. But, after aimlessly walking around The City on a Saturday (which is basically zombietown) we ended up going to the first place that look alright. 

And it was so much more than just alright. It was one of the best pasta I have ever had, and I have been to Italy twice. 100% recommend. They don't have the longest menu, but you get to choose what kind of pasta you want which is pretty cool. And the few sauces that they have are to die for. 

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