Sunday 2 September 2018


Living in London, it can be very easy to feel like you never have to leave, anything you could ever want is probably here - any type of restaurant, park, entertainment and museum. 

However, it can be so nice and refreshing to leave the city for a day and there are so many great places that are so close and so easy to get to! Last week, me and my friend decided to visit Cambridge for the day (as apparently we have run out of brunch places to try here lol). 

Getting there only took a bit over an hour by train from Liverpool Street and it was just over £10 so not expensive at all! 

We left London at around 10AM and got to Cambridge right after 11AM. The train station is very close to the city centre so we just walked towards the main part which is around King's College. Our first stop was, obviously, brunch because what else would I do? 

We went to Hot Numbers Cafe which is this really cute and cosy cafe where I can imagine loads of students go to work in the winter - it had big wooden tables and their food was so tasty! It was also very cheap compared to most brunch places in London which is always a plus. 

After we had fuelled our bodies with carbs, sugar and caffeine, we ventured into the actual town. I had been to Cambridge twice before, once when I was very young with my family and then again when I went to summer boarding school when I was about 16 - so I kind of knew my way around it a bit and knew where I wanted to go. Regardless of how many times I visit Cambridge, my favourite spot will always be right outside King's College. It is such a beautiful college which reminds me so much of Harry Potter and also makes me want to do another degree and go to Cambridge (even though we all know that's never going to happen). 

We tried to go in but decided it wasn't worth the £15 they were asking for, it's simply extortionate especially since you can visit other less famous colleges for free! 

Something worth doing whilst you're there is climbing the Church of St Mary the Great. You do have to pay £5 but the view is definitley worth it! You can see so many colleges and the whole town of Cambridge which is simply stunning. 

After, we wandered around the town centre and browsed the market before spending a good two hours in TK Maxx looking at home decor... whoops. 

Right after we left TK Maxx it started pouring which was beyond annoying as we had spent the last couple of hours of sunshine in a store. We decided to hide from the rain and go to the very well known cafe called Fitzbillies, famous for their Chelsea buns.  Not going to lie, all their pastries looked insane, but obviously we had to try the famous buns. It was my first time trying one so I can't compare it to anything else but it was really good and I can imagine having them as an afternoon snack during autumn with some hot chocolate... so maybe I'll have to get some imported from Cambridge. 

The rain stopped for around half an hour during which we visited one of the free colleges: Pembroke College. It genuinely felt like I was in another world, almost like Hogwarts. I can't imagine actually going to uni there and living in those colleges, I would love to experience it but probably only for a couple of weeks - I'm too much of a city girl.

We were planning to visit a few more colleges and explore the town a bit more but since it was raining so much we decided to leave at around 4PM as we can always go back another day! 

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