Saturday 25 February 2017


Having been to Cambridge, Kent, Bath, Castlebury and of course London amongst a few other towns in England; I think I have been to quite a variety of places in the UK for someone who wasn’t born here. However, I always wanted to visit Brighton and I finally got to go recently, thanks to the babe that Kate is for getting me train tickets for my birthday. 

Brighton was even more beautiful than I thought, it was snowing the whole day and it was rather empty - most people stay at home when it’s 0 degrees outside. We arrived at about 11AM and went straight to the beach where we took many many photos and made our way to the famous Brighton Pier, where even more photos were taken. 

We had lunch at an incredible restaurant called The New Club - I had their Clean Burger whilst she had their Dirty Burger. They were both amazing, I am not exaggerating when I say it was easily one of the best burgers I have ever had. We also ordered a side of Mac’n’Cheese to share because why not. It was good but a bit too spicy for me, and Bill’s Mac’n’Cheese will always have a special place in my heart anyways. We were starving so I didn't manage to take a photo, I deeply apologise but hey at least I won't make you hungry! 

We then walked around The Lanes for a bit, I loved the narrow and quirky streets. There were so any cute shops that sold the most beautiful (and overpriced) home decor, it was hard not to buy anything! After that we visited the Royal Pavilion which reminded me to the Taj Mahal, it was built a palace for King George IV, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to live there.

By then it was about 5pm so after checking out a few shops and stopping each other from spending all of our non-existent money, we headed back to London. To finish off the day right we went to Homelike, which I’ve been told by many different people that they have the best pizza in London, so obviously I had to try it. I can confirm the pizza was indeed amazing and I would advice going there with one or two friends and sharing a pizza, because they are MASSIVE. 

Brighton was everything I expected and more, even with the rather bad weather I loved the town and I definitley want to go back in summer when it’s not snowing and freezing! 

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