Thursday 17 December 2015


This term I've been so crazy busy with uni that I haven't had time to explore London much, hence the lack of 'out and about' posts. However, I HAD to go to Winter Wonderland at some point before going home.  I love Christmas and anything remotely Christmassy - mainly lights and shiny things, I'm like a little kid. 

I think Winter Wonderland is one of those places that you always want to go even though you know that a) it's going to be exactly the same as the previous year, b) it's gonna be packed and c) it's so overpriced.  As every single year, it made me feel really Christmassy and in spite of the huge amount of deliciously smelling food I controlled myself and only bought some fudge -easily the best fudge I've ever had - and some churros with chocolate because why wouldn't I buy overpriced churros sold by German people in London when I'm going to Spain in a few days? I didn't go on any of the rides as I didn't fancy being sick after eating and I'm not really a fan of rollercoasters anyway.

After Winter Wonderland we went to Knightsbridge - somehow that's where Kate and I always end up at. There were so many buildings with the cutest Christmas decorations and trees. I've never had a real Christmas tree, which is why I'm so obsessed with them and why I frantically take a hundred pictures every time I see one. 

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